Due to its infrastructure, vertical integration and market leadership of its brands, PINSA GROUP is considered one of the most important companies in America within the tuna industry.

The group’s processing plant has 13 production lines, cold storages with capacity for 21,000 tons of raw material and warehouses for finished product with a 2 million boxes capacity. The fleet, plant and corporate offices are based in the city of Mazatlán, in Sinaloa. The commercial offices are in Mexico City.

PINSA Group generates over 3,700 direct jobs, it is the most important source of indirect jobs in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Thanks to the good quality of its products and the efficiency in the distribution channel, PINSA has earned the trust of its main clients and consumers, being able to maintain along the years the leading position within the tuna industry in the Mexican market.

Companies in the group:

It is a contemporary building offering comfortable Hotel-Boutique facilities for those frequent travelers seeking comfort and practicity. It is located in the historic center of the beautiful city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.