One of the subsidiaries of Grupo PINSA is Pesca Azteca, the most important fleet in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO) for capturing Yellowfin Tuna, with operational headquarters in the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in Mexico.

Pesca Azteca has 20 modern vessels that navigate and operate through satellites with the most sophisticated maritime communication electronic equipment and leading technology. The fishing method used is called purse seiner, and its haulage capacity per trip is between 350 and 1,200 tons.



On average, a tuna vessel is 75 meters long and requires a 24 people crew. Thefishing trip lasts 60 days, depending on the tuna shortage or abundance.

Each vessel has a helicopter that assists in the tuna shoal search.

The net of a tuna fishing vessel is almost 2 kilometers long and 190 meters deep. On each vessel there is an international observer from the CIAT dolphin protection program to document and oversee the compliance of all protection regulations on dolphins.