One of the subsidiaries of Grupo PINSA is Pesca Azteca, the most important fleet in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO) for capturing Yellowfin Tuna, with operational headquarters in the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in Mexico.

Pesca Azteca has 20 modern vessels that navigate and operate through satellites with the most sophisticated maritime communication electronic equipment and leading technology. The fishing method used is called purse seiner, and its haulage capacity per trip is between 350 and 1,200 tons.



Tuna shoals are localized through different methods. Modern location systems are used, such as sonars and radars. Crew members also use powerful binoculars to search for signs of breezes, dolphins or flocks; these frequently give away the existence of tuna under the surface.

One of the main shoal location tool is the helicopter, which spirals around the vessel, widening the search zone and is constantly radio-communicating with the vessel.

Once the tuna shoal is pinpointed, the vessel heads towards it and at the same time, speed-boats are lowered onto the water to keep the tuna from scattering and to keep them inside a circumference formed by the net.